Nam model forecast for early morning Wednesday

The map above is a layout from the NAM weather model of North America. The map shows a computer simulation of the weather 24 out from Tuesday Morning. This is a computer generated forecast. Very much like the ones you see on KMOV and KSDK. See I can play weather man too!

the map below is 84 hours out from Tuesday morning as you can see not much changed. There is an upper level disturbance slowly trying to move out the of South West and bring the area much needed rain, if for no other reason then to give the old folks on the porch something to talk about. However many times the models are to fast with these systems by a day or two this far out and we likely won’t see any rain within the next 4-5 days.

84 hour forecast from the nam

Forecast for Friday Afternoon from the NAM Weather Model

Another thing to note on this map is the cold air in Canada. those blue lines indicate freezing temperatures. However that is at 850mb which is roughly 5000 feet up. So while this would indicate the temperature at that level of the atmosphere to be freezing temperatures at the surface are likely to be much warmer this time of year. As you can see there is a general 0c blue line indicating freezing temperatures and there is the -10c blue line. Which indicates COLDER freezing temperatures. Yes it is likely to be well below freezing at the surface any time of year under -10C temperatures at 850mb.

That is enough weather neediness for one post. The point is. Expect the same weather for the next 4-5 days while getting warming towards the weekend.