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You can thank our friends over at sports media watch for this:

Recent sports TV ratings news, including local ratings for Game 3 of the ALCS in Dallas-Ft. Worth and New York, and ratings for Games 1 and 2 of the NLCS in San Francisco and Philadelphia.

* Monday night’s Rangers/Yankees Game 3 drew a 14.5 rating in the New York market, down 14% from last year’s afternoon Yankees/Angels Game 3 on FOX, but up 31% from Saturday’s afternoon Yankees/Rangers Game 2 (11.1). The game drew a 22.1 rating in the Dallas-Ft. Worth market, up 42% from Game 2 (15.6). Game 3 hit a series-high in both markets. (Turner Sports)
* Game 1 of the Giants/Phillies NLCS on FOX drew a 26.0 rating in the Philadelphia market Saturday night, down 10% from Game 1 of last year’s Phillies/Dodgers NLCS on TBS (28.8). Sunday’s Game 2 drew substantially higher 33.9; local ratings for last year’s Game 2 were not available. (Fang’s Bites)
* The Giants/Phillies opener drew a 20.5 rating in the San Francisco market, down 1% compared to Giants/Cardinals Game 1 on FOX in 2002 (20.8), the last time the team made the LCS. Sunday’s Game 2 drew a 22.2 in the market, up 13% from Giants/Cardinals Game 2 in ’02 (19.7). (Fang’s Bites)

Lets see how many viewers outside of the local markets are actually watching.

ALCS Game three National numbers:

TBS MLB ALCS (8pm, 214 minutes)
8.214 million viewers
– 5.2/8 HH
– 2.7/7 A18-49

local ratings:
NY: 14.5 = 1.1 mil homes = 2.2 million viewers
Dallas:  22.1 = 552K homes = 1 million viewers
total: 3.3 mil from 8.2 mil = 4.9 million national

ALCS Game 2 National Numbers:
3.6 U.S. rating and 5.831 million

Local Ratings:
NY: 11.1 = 884K  homes = 1.65 mil viewers
Dallas: 15.6 = 390K homes = 800K viewers
total: 2.5 mil from 5.8 mil =3.3 mil national

NLCS Game One Ratings:
Game 1 drew a 4.3 U.S. rating and 7.13

local Ratings:
Philly: 26.0 = 780K homes = 1.6 mil viewers
San Fran: 20.5 = 518K homes = 1.1 mil viewers
total: 2.7 mil from 7.13 = 4.4 mil viewers

NLCS Game two ratings:
Game 2 drew a 5.3 final rating and 8.835

Local Ratings:
Philly: 33.9 = 1.05 mil homes = 2.1 mil viewers
San Fran: 22.2 = 565K homes = 1.2 mil viewers
total: 3.3 from 8.84 = 5.5 mil viewers

* Local playoff baseball ratings tend to have high viewers per home then most sports.

The markets involved are ranked

1,4,5,6 in the country.

This is skewing the ratings by a lot.

I know baseball popularity has gone up quite a bit locally the last decade but it is still free falling on the National Stage.  The Numbers warrant slightly more attention then last years Stanley Cup Final.

It is no surprise Baseball Tonight is up 61 percent ratings wise. People are just wanting to see the highlights and wrap ups.


The 2010 version of the St. Louis Rams sits 3-3 and only a 1/2 game out of first place in the NFC West.  While the Rams fate this season is yet to be determined.  There fate on tv is a much brighter picture then a year ago.  Last Sunday in a 20-17 win over the San Diego Chargers the rams pulled a 23.2 rating.  This is up slightly from there Early game(noon kickoff) average of 22.2, but slightly less then the average from the first 5 games of 24.1.  The late game kickoffs(3:15) are averaging a 25.6 rating.  The current season average is 23.9 there best start threw this point in a season since 2006 and up from a 16.1 at this time last year.

Rams Logo

That is a 7.8 pt difference which is equal to about 80K  HH.  Think about that, 80K homes in the St. Louis area are tuning into Rams football that didn’t tune in last year at this time.    Every week that the Rams play at home they struggle up to the deadline to sell additional tickets which is usually less then 10K per game for any given week.  So while the Rams struggle to get those 10K tickets sold and most of the time they are sold to a large company they are getting over 100K more viewers per game on tv.  Impressive, and it shows a clear trend in the NFL.  Which is better hundreds of dollars per family for one NFL game or buying an HD tv for $1,000k which will get thousands of hours of use, not to mention 50 cents for a can of soda at home and a buck a beer, well 70 cents for you Hoosiers out there.

All in all the Rams are averaging 265K HH per game which translates to 400-450 viewers not including bars, college dorms and hotels.

Even in mediocrity the Rams, cough, the NFL is a big draw.

(Thanks to Dan Ceaser of the St. Louis Post Dispatch for the Rams Ratings)